The Programming Languages Zoo

A potpourri of programming languages

The zoo is available as a GitHub project. Here are detailed installation instructions.


To compile the code you will need:

A good way to get started with OCaml is to use the OCaml pagackage manager OPAM, through which menhir is available. Both OCaml and OPAM are available through package managers on Linux and OS X, see instruction on the OPAM web site.

It is recommended that you install ledit or rlwrap command-line editing wrappers. Check your package manager, it probably knows about them. They will be detected and automatically used by the toplevel interactive loop.

Learning OCaml

The languages are implemented in OCaml. If you are not familiar with OCaml, we highly recommend that you look at the excellent resources for learning OCaml.

Obtaining the source code

Get the source from GitHub:

git clone

or via the HTTP protocol

git clone

If you do not use GitHub (why not?!) you can directly download a ZIP archive.


To compile all the languages run:

make all

You can also compile a single language with

make lang

where typing just make will show you the available languages. The compilation procedure will create native code executables. To generate bytecode use the BUILD=byte option:

make BUILD=byte ...

There is make clean if you want to clean up.